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“Good things come to those who wait.” “Patience is a virtue.”  Both are common phrases that others use to placate us when we are moaning and groaning about something we want to happen quick, fast, and in a hurry.  What have you been waiting a long time for?  There are very few people who have everything that they want.  The Bible compels us to be content in whatever state we may find ourselves in.  Yet you may ask yourself, what does true contentment look like when you don’t have what you’ve been waiting an eternity for.  Think again, it’s time for you to count your blessings. Everyday puts you closer to whatever you’ve been desiring.  Rejoice because even though you are not where you want to be, you are at least not where you started. Find the silver lining in your wait and before you know it your desire will become a pleasant reality.  Keep the faith, weighing less and proud of it! Smooches


God is always working for our good.  Sometimes a blessing is wrapped in controversy.  If you are not discerning, you will miss the mark!  The key is to have a personal relationship with God where you commune with Him everyday.  He is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Sometimes we feel that our problems are too small for a big God, but He cares about everything that concerns us!  Yes, he even cares about my losing weight and getting this temple in order.  
I believe He’s not a respecter of persons.  Are you too stressed to be blessed? Try God, He cares! Smooches …

I did it!  I actually walked away from cake and ice cream.  Yeahhhhhh!  Wow, what an accomplishment.  It may not seem like  a big deal to you, but it is my most susceptible area of temptation.  I love cake like I love my firstborn.  I use to eat a whole pound cake when I was down just to make my heart smile again.  Cake was my crack of choice.  The only thing I could walk away from is chocolate cake because it has never been a favorite of mine, but anything else watch out.  I am finding out that small victories make my heart grin bigger than a cake fix.  Deliverance is sweet, you should try it.  Pun intended!  Have a weightless good day! We’ll blog again soon.  Smooches

I have a vivid imagination.  It works well when I’m writing a book or article but in real life it can be a hazard.  You see I have imagined myself thin for the last 20 years.  You know those dreams where you ride off into the sunset with your version of “Fabio”.  I was delightfully “divalicious” in my day dreams and I always got my man.  Well reality started to dawn on me when I started to miss opportunities as a result of health challenges. 

The truth is that when you hold on to a lie there is no room for positive change because you can’t see the need to do so. I was in a leadership class recently and the facilitator told us that statistics say that there are three things that  you must do in order to be successful at losing weight: exercise at home; count your calories; and weigh yourself daily.    I have ready access to the first two and today I actually went out and brought a scale.  I am so proud of me.  Now all I have to do is implement my plan and I’m on my way to weighing less and loving it!

I am in love with McDonald’s french fries and Sonic’s onion rings.  If I had to choose where I would spend my last fast food dollar, McDonald’s french fries would win.  There’s gotta be something else in those french fries besides potatoes.  I swear they are downright addictive.  Anyhow, sometimes you have to take dominion over your “Sasha” and tell her to go somewhere and sit down when you are pulling up to a fast food restaurant.  Lately it has been a battle for me to make the right food choices.  I’ve found out that if you don’t have a trip plan for your weightloss journey you’re liable to end up at a McDonald’s drive thru window.  Saint’s pray my strength in the Lord!  Hoping to weighless anyhow, Smooches.

Well the nurse gave me good news.  My blood pressure has returned to normal and I lost 13 lbs.  I’m on my way to weighingless and I’m glad about it.  One of the things that gave me pause was the fact that high blood pressure is a silent killer. God designed us to live a long prosperous life.  I want to do just that by returning to the Eden principles that God gave Adam in the garden.  (Study Genesis 1-3)  Weighing less and loving it! Smooches

I knew it was over when I pulled into the parking lot.  I didn’t even think about healthy eating, my mind was on seafood.   Let’s see what I can blame it on? Oh yes, here goes.  I’m from Tidewater, Virginia and I was raised on seafood.  It’ actually an automatic reflex to eat crab cakes, shrimp, and gumbo.  Obviously we can find an excuse for all deviant behavior.  Well I’m headed back to the stairs tomorrow.  Sweet dreams and remember never, and I mean absolutely never go to Pappadeaux’s hungry.  Weighing less, I hope … Ciao

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